Zollern Zhp has an outstanding winding quality with less wear on the cable. The winches are leveraged in the hardest conditions. The winches hearts is the unified planetary gearbox of Zollern with the power density and high efficiency.

The planetary gearboxes rely on the modular system with which the application-oriented systems are achieved with more standard components.

The winches are reinforced with extra elements of the drivetrain, like, motor, brake, and coupling, and addressed as a "complete drive system". The winches are proved to be successful in severe operating conditions.

Below are its key features and notable advantages:

  • small dimensions
  • easy maintenance
  • large operational life
  • high performance
  • gear unit's modular design
  • functional design

In addition to these features, there will be an install unit; that will get economic resolutions in the confined space conditions as well.

  • Applications
  • mobile cranes
  • offshore cranes
  • construction conveyors and cranes
  • cargo and loading handling cranes
  • shipboard and deck cranes
  • material and working elevators
  • dockyard and harbour cranes
  • rescue and wrecker salvage trucks
  • access platforms
  • container gantries

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