Shinko is Japan’s leading company in the market share of marine LNG pumps, drive turbines for tankers, and cargo oil pumps. It has created and manufactured SHINKO SVA100M pumps for  agile performance. The design of the pump is such that the HQ curve drops to the right in a continuous line. These are operated in the following conditions:




  • Ambient temperature: 50℃ (Maximum )
  • Cooling seawater temperature: 32℃ (Maximum)

List and rolling of the ship


  • Horizontally with 15 degrees
  • Longitudinally with 10 degrees
  • One side rolling with 22.5 degrees

Installation direction


For the horizontal pumps, the shafts should be installed identical to the keel. For the vertical pumps, the shafts should be installed vertically to the keel.




  • Freshwater pumps
  • Jacket cooling
  • Fire and general service pumps
  • Emergency fire pumps
  • Bilge and ballast pumps
  • Cooling seawater pumps
  • Seawater service pumps, etc.

Capacity : 44m3/h

Total head: 25m

Suction bore : 100mm

Discharge bore : 100mm


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